Areas of application of additive manufacturing, cutting, drilling, welding and laser hardfacing


Research and Development

In general, the industry is characterised by long product development and life cycles, as well as technical and technological challenges. This sector is very involved in pursuing high-tech solutions, fuelled by ever-increasing needs in terms of production, price and quality gains.

In order to meet this demand, Saturne Technology offers a global research and development solution for the entire value chain of these products.



The civil and military aeronautics industry is one of the key sectors in which Saturne Technology intervenes. Thanks to our additive manufacturing process and our laser and mechanical activities that are perfectly adapted to the aeronautics sector, we can work on complex materials and designs with ever shorter validation and production deadlines.

We produce precision mechanical parts such as HP, BP and compressor engine components, and we manufacture more and more structural avionics parts.

Saturne Technology has been working with Safran in the aeronautics sector since 2005. Saturne produces more than 300,000 parts per year for Safran, most of which are destined for aircraft engines.


Food industry

The agricultural and food industries constantly need increasingly efficient components or equipment to process products from agriculture, livestock and fishing into food and drink for humans or animals. Saturne Technology is involved in the food manufacturing production lines by producing valves, filters and processing equipment, using additive manufacturing, welding, laser cutting and precision mechanics.


Defence - security

Saturne Technology regularly collaborates with foreign defense and security companies. Our dedication in terms of confidentiality and our know-how allow us to work on these highly sensitive projects in very regulated areas.


Motor vehicles

In the manufacture of car parts in small or large series, laser applications have become essential for the main car manufacturers. This is especially true when it comes to extreme precision, fine tolerances, low deformations and improved surfaces. We offer you solutions adapted to your needs, according to your specifications. Our welding, cutting and additive manufacturing techniques allow us to produce all car parts with great flexibility compared to traditional machining.


As a manufacturer of medical equipment, we take into account material tolerance, wear and corrosion resistance, as these are essential parameters when producing parts for the human body.

We produce two types of implants for our customers in the medical field: implantable implants, which can be left in the patient's body, and implants that are used as tools during operations.

SLM additive manufacturing technology has become a must in this sector, allowing complex or impractical implants to be manufactured using traditional manufacturing processes.




Saturne Technology operates in very demanding fields of activity, including nuclear power. Safety is an imponderable aspect of this sector, as for nuclear reactors, for example: optimal wear resistance, impeccable corrosion resistance of stainless steels – these are the requirements that our teams meet through special welding and laser cladding processes.



We operate in the space industry, and more particularly in the satellite launch market, on behalf of satellite manufacturers as well as launch system operators. The Thales Group and the European Space Agency (ESA) are among our customers in the space sector.

We assist our customers in developing, validating and manufacturing components in SLM additive manufacturing using titanium and aluminium.



The transport industry is a growth sector for Saturne Technology. The resources and means of production adapted to this sector have enabled the company to gain market share. Additive manufacturing will enable the company to produce complex parts while meeting customer needs.


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